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I have been having treatment from Yvonne for over 2½ years and I can't recommend her highly enough. Yvonne has proved herself to be wise, nurturing and highly effective at treating the wide range of health problems I have presented with – from my knotted and painful back, insomnia, a whole host of pregnancy related issues and now menopause symptoms. Yvonne treats in a holistic and very detailed way, I have very rarely felt any pain from the pins, but have always felt huge benefits and relaxation from the treatments. I feel very supported and enriched by Yvonne and her expert and precise treatments.  Emily – January 2014

We can’t thank Yvonne enough for the help she has given us to conceive. After trying for a baby for a year and a half I fell pregnant after the first month and a half of acupuncture with her – we couldn’t believe it!
    I was terrified of needles when I first started, but with Yvonne’s calm and friendly manner I have completely overcome my fear and really look forward to the relaxing treatment each time.
    She has also helped to keep me healthy during my pregnancy and is so easy to talk to giving me some great advice.
   We are so grateful to Yvonne and I would highly recommend having acupuncture with her.  
Emma – July 2013

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for nearly 4 years and were just about to attend an IVF appointment when a friend suggested I try acupuncture first. I was very nervous at first as I hate needles and really wasn’t sure what to expect but Yvonne was so patient and gentle with me that I soon started finding the sessions very relaxing!
    Yvonne didn’t just focus on the acupuncture, she also offered advice on my diet as well as my work/life balance. Within 7 months of treatment I fell pregnant and I continued to see Yvonne throughout the pregnancy. I had a great pregnancy, without any morning sickness or complications, and when Holly finally decided to make an appearance (she was a week late!) my labour was very quick and without any problems.
   I would thoroughly recommend seeing Yvonne especially if you are trying for a baby.  

As conventional medicine had only been able to do so much, I tried acupuncture in a bid to help my extreme tiredness, IBS and menstrual problems. My husband has also received treatment, mainly for fertility problems, but also lower back pain and long-term coldness symptoms.
    Now, 2 years later, we are the proud parents of a 5 month old baby! I have well managed IBS, and despite having a baby, I am less tired than when I first started seeing Yvonne! My husband has improved health and a much more co-operative back!
   Yvonne has a lovely, caring manner. Her treatment extends to identifying the cause of each problem as much as possible, looking at diet and lifestyle, with the aim of preventing the problem from occurring in the first place.
   Yvonne has given me a new lease of life and brought back my old energy and buzz. And, for my husband and I, we have been given that precious chance to start a family.  

Before going to see Yvonne I had suffered for over 18 months with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E and felt I was floundering with an ever increasing set of debilitating and complex symptoms with very little support or help from conventional medicine. I felt weary in mind and body, and turned to acupuncture in desperation, never having tried complimentary therapy before.
   From my first consultation with Yvonne I felt reassured, confident and hopeful. Yvonne’s calm, empathetic, thoughtful and professional approach immediately set me at ease and I felt I had met a practitioner who was both caring and expert.
  Within weeks I was noticing significant improvements in my symptoms. Yvonne treats holistically, and was careful to explain all she was doing which was reassuring. I not only started to feel the physical benefits, it was fascinating to learn a new approach to health, and to finally understand the correlation between my apparently random set of symptoms.
  Throughout my treatments Yvonne has never faltered from being a supportive and understanding professional. I genuinely feel she has offered the most significant treatment possible for me, and I have progressed with her help from being someone who could hardly climb the stairs unaided to now, when I have started walking, cycling and swimming again, have vastly improved concentration and cognitive function, and am planning to start some voluntary work having not being able to consider work of any description for over two years..
  I have found there is nothing to be anxious about in acupuncture, especially under the competent hands of Yvonne. It is very straightforward and sensible. No, it doesn’t hurt (or only when it needs to!), and is actually quite relaxing. Yvonne’s influence has helped me to examine my general approach to wellbeing, and this has been an added bonus to her expertise.
  I would whole heartedly recommend Yvonne to anyone in any circumstances. I can assure you that you will be treated with courtesy, kindness, skill and a high level of proficiency. Yvonne may well find herself stuck with me for years to come!  

As someone who struggles with long term chronic illness (muscular dystrophy), I was 'openly sceptical' about trying out acupuncture. I have been pleasantly surprised. Since I started seeing Yvonne, my general health has improved, I've only had one mild cold (which is unusual), my energy levels have increased, the on-going cartilage problem in both my knees has virtually disappeared (there had been talk of surgery on my knees but hopefully I can now avoid this), my weakened shoulders have been strengthened and relaxed through acupuncture.
    Yvonne has a very caring, professional manner and I feel 'heard' by her. Having acupuncture has given me an increased awareness of what's going on in my body and emotions, which has been helpful to me managing my condition. I would HIGHLY recommend Yvonne to anyone.  

I can't rate Yvonne highly enough, or thank her sufficiently for the help she has given me. With her deep knowledge she has treated me for an injury to my elbow with acupuncture and guasha. Each treatment was really effective, enabling me to have full movement.
    If you are afraid of needles, don't be! They are barely noticeable and the benefits of the treatment can outnumber any little phobias. On top of everything else she is a lovely person! I believe so full-heartedly in Yvonne, I would recommend her highly to anyone.  

Just after Christmas last year I sustained a painful injury to the back of my right knee after being hit by a car. Medication and a knee bandage gave me some relief but obviously extra was needed to put things right. My wife was currently having acupuncture treatment for a finger injury and suggested that I should let Yvonne loose on my knee. I found her treatment to be very detailed and she exercised her undoubted skill to the full, and thoroughly investigated my problem. I found her attention to my care both positive and re-assuring. She always told me what she was doing and why!
     After four visits I found that full mobility had returned and I can now stand, walk and kneel without pain or discomfort. I thoroughly recommend her ability in her field to anyone who may be considering a course of acupuncture.  

When I first went to Yvonne for acupuncture, I was chronically ill and as a result of taking large daily doses of medication, extremely low in energy. I felt a balancing and increase in energy levels after the first treatment and, as a bonus began to sleep better. My lower back pain disappeared after two treatments. I now regard Yvonne as an indispensable part of my health care.  Lorna


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